MMS | Educational Research Training and Development Unit [ERTDU]
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Educational Research Training and Development Unit [ERTDU]

Mathakondapalli Model School (MMS), a center of excellence in education, recognizes that every student is a treasure trove of potentials. This drives us to stimulate and facilitate intellectual, physical, lingual, social and emotional development of every student.
The academic system of the school is designed to efficiently address the entire range of developmental characteristics of the evolving personalities of our students. It nurtures individual skills, aptitudes and attitudes needed for a meaningful and fulfilling life-after-school. The school facilitates learning processes by integrating subjects, which results in sustained learning and application. Our culture of learning is one that is spontaneous [non-demanding], voluntary [non-threatening], and steers clear of the pressures of scoring [non-examination-oriented]. This conclusively, and, invariably leads to the holistic development of our children.

The students are supported through continuous and comprehensive assessments to accomplish the desired competencies. The participation of family, and immediate society, in the growth and development of a student, is a stand-out aspect of the school.

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