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Community Involvement

Meaningful involvement of parents, businesses, and community members would benefit the schools. How do we foster more community support within our school? What are some successful strategies to enhance community involvement? How do we actively engage our community within a child’s education?  It has been proven time and time again that parents who invest time and place value on their child’s education will have children who are more successful in school. Naturally there are always exceptions. MMS looks forward to have more dialogue with parents for the growth and development of their children. Let there be more meaningful participation of parents in the growth and development of their children.

Secondly, Community-Based Education (CBE) is a good approach in learning that uses the community extensively as a learning environment by involving students, teachers, the community, as well as different sectors and agencies to be actively engaged throughout the educational process. In this academic year MMS will make extra effort towards this direction. We request parents and others to help us.



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